We Have a Team of Accredited Solar Designers and Installers

By Daley Raffin

There are many advantages to becoming an accredited solar designer and installer. For starters, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) provides incentives, training, and ongoing support to electricians and solar designers who have completed accredited training.

What is an accredited installer?

Clean Energy Council accreditation is a must-have qualification for anyone in the business of installing solar and storage.

Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council recognises electricians who have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems.

CEC-accredited installers and solar designers aim to work to industry best practice standards, producing systems that are safe, reliable and meet customer expectations.

What should I look out for?

Detailed and professional quote documentation

Your quote should be detailed and include a proposed system design, expected generation, warranty terms and an itemised list of components/products.

Maintenance and warranties

Like all electrical equipment, your solar system should be maintained with some frequency to ensure continued performance, operation and safety. Additionally, dust, bird droppings and other debris can build up over time and decrease the performance of your panels. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the warranty terms. Individual products will come with a product manufacturers warranty.


Peace of mind

You should never feel pressured into a purchase. The choice to proceed with a purchase is yours and yours alone, so making sure you are comfortable with the information you have been provided is essential. Have all your questions been answered? Do you understand the installation, grid-connection and metering process? Have you been informed of any after-sale support available to you?


At Raffin Electrical, we have a team of solar designers and solar-accredited technicians for grid connect solar, battery storage and off-grid solar systems. For further information on our services, please visit our website Raffin Electrical.