What Rebates are Available for Me if I Install a Solar System?

By Daley Raffin

Countries all over the world are recognizing the value of investing in solar energy. Therefore, the Australian government is offering citizens solar panel rebates to help conserve energy, while also helping to protect the environment.

Small-Scale Technology Certificates

The Australian government makes the distinction that Small Scale Technology Certificates are not a “solar rebate,” however, they end up meaning the same thing – less money for your new solar panel system. The Clean Energy Regulator website explains:

“Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, the reduction in the cost of your solar panel is not a rebate. You will not qualify for any government-based financial recompense at the completion of any process relating to STCs.”

This means that the money comes from other people who buy the certificates and not the government, but it is a government-sponsored program. To qualify for this discount:

  • Your PV system must be less than 100kW.
  • You must have it installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer.
  • Your solar panels and inverters must be approved by the Australian Clean Energy Council.

This discount could add up significantly. The savings are roughly $585 per kW, so a system the size of 6.6kW would equal a savings of $3,861. The larger the system, the more the discount.

Feed-In Tariffs

Another option when installing a solar system is that you can choose to feed energy back into the electricity grid. If you do decide to, you may qualify for a Feed-in-Tariff (FiT), where you will be paid a set amount for the energy you supply to the grid. You have two options with this type of system:

  • Gross FiTs – this is where all your energy is fed into the system, and then you pay electricity like everyone else. You would receive a premium payment for the power you supplied.
  • Net FiTs – this is where you would only send back to the grid the excess energy that you did not consume from your solar system. You are paid for that energy.

State Government Rebates & Incentives

Along with the FiTs and STCs, there are also state government rebates and incentives available to you. Some of the most popular are:

The Solar for Low Income Program is for Australians who have an Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card, and if you qualify, you could get 50% off your solar system.

Next Generation Energy Storage Grants – this program offers a discount when installing a battery storage unit for a rooftop solar PV system. The amount of discount depends on the size and the installer.

Queensland – the territory of Queensland offers three types of programs for solar systems: loans for solar systems, loans and grants for battery storage, and loans and grants for combined solar and battery storage. Each grant could total up to $10,000, but you can only apply for one.

South Australia offers residents subsidies and loans of up to $6,000 when installing a home battery system.

Victoria has two rebates available, one for solar panels totaling $2,225 and one for solar hot water systems for $1,000.

Most rebates and incentives apply to both residential and commercial properties.

With the government making the switch as affordable as possible, why not install your solar system today! Call us to find out more.